Dear WinterBike, Good job today. You may look like shit. You might not have 4inch or studded tires, or any derailleurs. Your paint job might not match my kit and you might not have Moonlander or Mukluk decals on your top tube but that's OK, I know you can't help that. Your drive train might be covered in rust, your seat post seized in place and duct tape might be holding your fender together. You might have two different pedals and your rear brake may be missing along with one of your grips but that's cool, nobody's perfect. You may have been abandoned in the alley trash but I still love you Mr. Pacific Ricochet. Thanks for getting me to work and my boys to school. Everyday. You're alright by me. Cheers. Ty


LostGears said...

My thoughts exactly Ty. Though I will say I thought of those Moonlander tires this morning as I slugged through the backroads of TC on my XtraCycle.

Good riding, and stay vertical!

The Flying Bohunk said...

Hear, hear. My 1987 Fuji Cadenza has kept me upright thus far. Even on 3 inches of ice.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like love to me Ty!

Aunt Margaret