Notes from the Road. TC to AZ. 2012 edition.

This being our 5th year coming down to training camp in Tucson we have the trip dialed in. We made crazy time with very little whining from Dad. Jetta kicked ass again. Who needs a minivan? 4bikes, 4humans, gear and Dad's oatmeal pot with room to spare. Plus 38miles per gallon, the little diesel that could continues to impress.
Here's some notes from the road from the Team's Journal:
3-1-12 Up at 4. On the road by 430 with jetta packed and boys playing their DSs immediately. Mum drives 400miles straight to the "limestone" rest area in central IL where we stop for a break. PBJ, trail mix, apples and bananas then dad drives 200miles to a MO rest area for lunch. Sunny. Warm. Tshirts. Feels good. Cold soup from Georganne to eat then back on I44 to Springfield where we stay at the Daysinn like last year. Mum checks in while boys go walk around the neighborhood. Beans and rice for dinner with cereal for snack. Showers. Bed. Carter with dad and mum with jamo. Not a great sleep. Dad's coughing. Jamo's ear hurts. Mum getting kicked by jamo.
3-2-12 Up at 6. Pack car. Upstairs for breakfast. Carter sets a new "world record": waffle with pb/banana/syrup, corn flakes, 3 cups of apple juice, bagel with cream cheese and finally a muffin. Diesel. ~3.75/gallon. ~$50 to fill getting just over 400miles per tank. Mum back behind the wheel (she'd rather drive) westbound on I44 not stooping till Clinton, OK for diesel. Get some drugs for Jamo too as his ear is still killing him. Dad drives the rest of the way to Santa Rosa, NM with Jamo taking a snooze while Mum and Carter doing activity books. Get to Super8 around 530 local time. Nice place. Beans and rice cooked up on griddle for dinner while boys watch TV and Dad gets diesel. Bed at 730.
3-3-12 Up at 515. Pack car. Eat breakfast in lobby. On the road at 650 taking a new way south on highway 54 instead of I40. Nice views in the high desert without much traffic and decent roads through Vaughn and Corizozo to Las Cruces. I10 west stooping only once in Willcox, AZ for diesel and to pee then make it to Tucson at 4. Townhouse on 17th is great! We get unpacked then walk over to Reid park. It's going to be really nice having that so close. Boys explore and play outside. Carter does some PE.... jump ups/push ups/pull ups/wind sprints. Bed early at 730.

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