Team Camp. Week #1.

3-5-12 Dad rides early again. Up Lemmon with Morgan. Mum and boys go to Reid park for a bit then meet Dad at home for lunch. Carter isn't felling well. Sore throat. Mild fever. 86F today! Hot ride. Ride over to the EdithBall pool to cool off. Still only $4 for the 3 of us!?! Best deal in town. Carter promptly falls asleep poolside while Jamo plays in the splashpad. Almost had the place all to ourselves. A nice way to spend a hot day in Tucson. Walk over to the zoo after and end up doing the whole thing. So quiet on a Monday afternoon. Much more pleasant than yesterday. Gibbons were swinging around and fun to watch. The 3 lion cubs, 8months old, were cool too. Back home to meet mum who had a flat on her ride. Bummer. Some downtime in front of the TV then we all rode down Treat to the Himmel library. Checked out a ton of books then barely made it back home before dark. Sun sets at around7pm here nowadays.
3-6-12 Tuesday morning ride (TMR) for dad and he manages to do fairly well. 5th up Gates but he thinks everyone was taking it easy after the TBC this past weekend. Carter still not feeling awesome and sleeps into 9am. Some homework with mum then some ScoobyDoo on the TV before riding back down to Himmel with Dad. Still warm. 80F plus. Jamo falls asleep in trailer so Carter and Dad hang out in the shade by the park. After Jamo wakes up, we walk down to the monsterslide park for a bit. Kind of windy. Howling a bit out of the southwest. Back to library for some reading/homework then the boys jump into the teen event playing video games and Jamo even grabbing a piece of cake. Home to meet mum after her 4hour ride!?! Some super yummy tortilla soup for dinner then some work on Carter's new business "Carter's Compost". Bed by 8.

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