AZ to MI. Notes from the Road.

3-30-12 Up at 4. Pack the jetta. Remarkably we get it all in despite having way more stuff!?! Drop gma off at the airport at 530 then eastbound on I10 with boys rocking the DS before the sun rises. Take the hwy 70/54 route through new mexico stopping at the shell in Tularossa to fill up. Quick pit stop at a rest area in northeastern NM on I40 then through Texas to Oklahoma. As soon as dad gets behind the wheel the check engine light comes on for the first time. Jetta still has power though so we kept going. Another tankful of diesel in Sayre then into the Clinton Super8 by 945 local time. 865miles in 14hrs15min. Ouch.
3-31-12 Team sleep in. Ahhh feels good. Up at 8 for breakfast then on the road by 935. Hot in the jetta through Oklahoma so we actually turned the ac on. First time in a long time but jetta seems to handle it well despite the check engine light still being on. Stop for diesel in Springfield, MO eating lunch in a bucket (mmm!) while sitting at the pumps. Dad loves his burrito in a mason jar and is dreaming of new eats to jam into it for next year. Pizza? Cornbread and beans? Veggie dog and mac n’ cheese? Pee stop at a reststop in southern IL then mum drives the rest of the way to the Bloomington Super8. 760miles in 11hrs30min total time.
4-1-12 Sunday. April Fools day. No pranks. Breakfast/bikes back on jetta/showers/coffee in dad's carafe and we're back on I55. Finally diesel is less than gas, this makes dad happy so we stop to fuel up south of chicago. Jetta passes the 130K mark somewhere in southern MI. Mum drives the whole way. Back in TC around 430 EDT after an easy 400miles. Mission accomplished.

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