TeamCamp. Week#4

3-27-12 Mum and dad up at 500 again. TMR together with a little extra up trails end road and on the bike path. Gma and boys get to the zoo right as it opens and get to see the new elephants. A mum and 2 babies plus a bull and another female. Pretty exciting. They get some lunch there then walk back home to meet mum and dad. An hour or so of lounging then back in the car heading to the children's museum. Scott gave us a free pass good for 2adults/3kids so dad had to skip it but he headed to the library for awhile then hung out outside. Fun times...stomp rockets and mentos guyser outside. Grocery stop at Safeway on the way home before mum's crockpot lentils for dinner.
3-28-12 Top of Mt Lemmon day! Mum, dad and Steven drive to le buzz then ride up with boys, gma, rua/phoebe/nevin in the minivan to rendezvous at Summerhaven. Dad and Steven luck out and get to ride up into the Steward Observatory toping out at 9751ft. Pizzas at the "no fun" restaurant then the cyclists head back down while the rest go for a hike in the pine trees and then at windy point. Back home we start the packing process then get ready to go to toby's for dinner. Stop at bookman's for some gifts first then up to the foothills for jen's yummy butternut squash enchiladas. Morgan/zac/izzie and scott/janine/kellan are there too. Great night. We're lucking to have such good friends.
3-29-12 Last ride of camp. Rua joins mum and dad for an easy spin out to saguaro east. Boys and gma walk to the park then to target and the movie theater at el con. They see the The Lorax while mum and dad pack and run a few errands. Back home to get organized then drive down to rua's for dinner. Dad makes one last stop at himmel library then everyone walks down to the monster slide/swings/climbing tree before dinner. Excellent lasagna and delicious blueberry crumble with mum's stand-by red cabbage salad. Long day again. Boys wiped. In bed at 7.

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