Team Camp. Week#2.

3-11-12 Mum and boys go to the zoo early. Daddy Lion is finally out and boy is he big. Monkeys put on a good show too. Back home to meet dad for lunch then we rode back down to the bookfest for Day2. More Science City with Carter in the Gak and Jamo sifting for rocks. Watch a rock band play then stay for the circus again. "Peter Pan" this time and it was pretty amazing. Maggie meets us there too for a bit then we went to the planetarium. Bye to Maggie and then we ride down to Himmel library and park for an hour before walking to La Salsa for Burritos!! Yummo. Our first time this year and it was well worth the wait. Back home around 530 to meet mum. Looong day. Too much sun. Straight to bed.
3-12-12 Monday! Dad rides with morgan while mum and boys went to the big playground at Reid Park. Jamo organizes his rocks that he got from the bookfest. Home for lunch, mum leaves to ride Colossal cave while boys bike to Himmel to go to the library and park. Boys play a quick game of chess at the chess club. More lentils for dinner from the slow cooker. Showers. Books by mum. Bed.
3-13-12 Tuesday morning ride for Dad. Mum and boys go grocery shopping then to Target for some stuff. Boys score some BeyBlades and battle with them all morning. Adventure #2 to the arroyo chico wash where dad sits in the shade and the boys dig/climb/run/hike/throw. Home for lunch with mum then we all bike downtown by the way of the aviation parkway path over the basket/snake/4th ave bridges. Some reading/hanging at the main library. Dad checks out some seeds and mum gets a free pass to the children's museum. How cool is that?! Walk over to the Presidio for a bit before biking back home for dinner. Tired from too much sun/heat/riding. Can't handle the 80F. Bed!

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