TeamCamp. Week#3.

3-19-12 Dad goes for a ride despite windy/rainy/cold weather and surprise! gets hailed on coming back home on Broadway. That'll learn him. Sun comes out just as he gets home so we all walk down to the zoo. Gibbons are fired up and doing their hooting thing. Pretty fun to watch. Spend more time today watching the lion tailed macaques who are cool primates indeed. Walk home as it just starts to rain. Some downtime then drive over to St.Joe's to visit mum and dad's old coworkers. Got to the Wilmot library after which they've redone and is now super nice. Stop by Sunflower for supplies then home for fajitas for dinner. Eggplant/tomatoes/tofu/peppers/cabbage! Yum.
3-20-12 First day of spring! Doesn't feel like it though as it's 33F at 630 for dad's ride with the tuesday morning group. Sun is back out though and things should be back to normal tomorrow. Mum leaves to ride with rua while the boys bike downtown to go to the children's museum. Play there for 5hrs! Great place. Boys have a blast. They learn about a spider crab, chocolate chip starfish and sea cucumber. Carter's and Jamo's fave was the rope maze plus the blue blocks outside aptly names WipeOut! On the way home, the trailer rolls over a thorn so dad has to drag it flat with 100lbs of boy in it the whole way back. Not fun. Mum makes some tortilla soup for dinner then we walk to reid park to blow off some energy. Boys go nonstop. All day. Everyday.
3-21-12 Day#17 of camp. Time sure flies down here. Boys spend a lazy morning at home reading/doing homework/cleaning. Mum gets back around 10, Rua crashed and hurt her shoulder, bummer. Dad leaves to ride Lemmon with Morgan while everyone else eats lunch then goes to the bike shop to get a new tube for the trailer and then to Himmel library. Boys read to Homer the dog again then home for some more lentil deliciousness from mum's slow cooker. Boys walk to Reid after eating to do some pull-ups but manage to get into the U of A baseball game at Hi-Corbett field in the 6th inning. They were playing the New Mexico State Aggies and lost bad but it was fun. Got seats right behind home plate then the boys got to run the bases after the game and even scored some squishy balls. Home at sunset. Fun day!

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